Baby S!


I am thankful for each meal.

I have learnt that no matter how great fruit yoghurt tastes, I can still go one better. I am thankful for my one year old who has taught me that. I know that the burnt bread can never be scraped off and presented as crispy. My husband has helped me figure that one out (more than once). I am thankful for the cities I have lived in because with the changing geography my palate diversified too. I am thankful for my advertising job of 7 years that made re-heated coffee the usual breakfast choice. Without that I would probably not have valued unhurried and elaborate breakfasts. I am thankful for long queues at the supermarket. If it wasn’t for those serpentine lines, I’d never scutinise the ingredients of products in my shopping cart. And never find the motivation to make my own version of some of my favourite things.

I am thankful for each one of you who takes time out to visit (and revisit) this blog. I am really passionate about it and I feel happy and encouraged.

Thank you for reading this blog and sharing it.



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi choti!
    I never knew you were the author for adaytobethankfulfor! Lovely blog chots! Love! Love! Love! I should remember to stay away when I decide to diet lol! There are just too many mouth watering ‘how to make’ posted here

    • Hi Ramu, Thanks so much for your appreciation and words. I am so glad you like it. There are some healthy, Vegan, gluten free recipes too. Check it out. I am working on an index so you can easily look through recipes according to your diet. Just skip through the buttery cakes 😉

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